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With our expertise in developing Shopify apps, we offer a diverse range of solutions to enhance and optimize your online store. Trust us to deliver innovative and customized Shopify apps that cater to your specific business needs.

Slide Cart Drawer - Cart Upsell

Maximize your sales effortlessly with our Shopify app, equipped with powerful upsell and cross-sell features. Boost your existing revenue by strategically offering additional products to your customers, all without lifting a finger. With exciting features like live timer widgets and product upsells, take your store to new heights and watch your profits soar.

AVP ‑ Age Verification Popup

Our Shopify app offers an effective age verification popup solution, allowing you to ensure compliance and restrict access to age-restricted content on your site. With a seamless and customizable interface, it provides a user-friendly experience while maintaining legal requirements. Safeguard your business and create a secure environment for your customers with our age verification app.

Under Construction Coming Soon

Under Construction Coming Soon is an app that helps you maintain customer engagement while your store is undergoing maintenance. Its landing page builder, you can create a customizable coming soon page that notifies users about the maintenance mode and displays a countdown timer for the store's reopening. Choose from a range of pre-built opening soon templates designed specifically for stores in maintenance mode.

Apps and reviews

We have developed around 3 Shopify apps that are conversion optimized and personalized based on customer needs.

Client Testimonial

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Slide Cart app has truly transformed my business! With its upsell and cross-sell features, my revenue has soared effortlessly. The live timer widget creates urgency, driving customers to make quick purchases. Highly recommended!


I can't say enough good things about Slide Cart! The bundle upsell feature has been a game-changer for my store. Customers love the enticing discounts, and my revenue has skyrocketed. The progress bar widget keeps them engaged, leading to higher order values. Thank you!


I discovered Slide Cart Drawer through Shopify Theme Detector, and it's a game-changer! Upsell and cross-sell features are superb, and the live timer widget adds urgency. This is the must-have for maximizing sales on Shopify.


Age Verification Popup is a must-have for any responsible online business. It seamlessly restricts access to age-restricted content, ensuring compliance and a safe shopping environment. This app is a lifesaver for my store. Highly reliable and easy to set up!


Age Verification Popup has been a game-changer for my adult-themed store. It effectively restricts underage visitors, ensuring a legally compliant shopping experience. The customizable options and smooth functionality make it a perfect fit for my business. Fantastic app!


Slide Cart is a sales-boosting powerhouse! The live timer widget has created a sense of urgency, leading to increased conversions. The product upsell feature has significantly increased my average order value. It's an absolute must-have for any e-commerce store.


Age Verification Popup is an essential app for my 18+ store. It effortlessly restricts underage access, keeping my business compliant. The customizable design and easy integration make it a perfect fit. Highly recommended for any adult-oriented online store!